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Robert McHaney is a Christ-following, servant husband, loving father of two boys, and dedicated professional. Robert has been involved in several ministries and is actively involved in the Small Group Ministry at his local home church. He has been a small group leader for over 10 years and loves to build community in all aspects of his life. He is a graduate of the Austin Stone Institute Men’s Development Program where he studied systematic theology and various spiritual disciplines to advance his walk with God. Additionally, Robert is a graduate of the Fully Formed Followers of Christ program from Hill Country Bible Church. Robert holds Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, Bachelor of Science in Geography and Land Studies and Master of Public Administration.

Through his testimony, Robert is able to share the love of God, Jesus and Spirit. He grew up as an atheist and his upbringing brought with it several challenges. He was a person that had sin in his heart; Robert was lost….

Then, in his mid-20s, he was introduced to Jesus through a community of believers at work. He began to watch their character closely and could not understand why they were so selfless, patient, kind and had a general love for others first before themselves. Several of them explained to Robert that their selflessness was from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Well, Robert’s curiosity was alive. He was invited to attend church on Easter Sunday and God spoke through the pastor that day and changed his life- and God willing, was the moment that generations of sin were broken. 

He learned through that conversion time that the pressure of the deep internal struggle can be laid at the feet of Jesus and that he can be made right with God. God regenerated his Heart and Robert laid that struggle down and he never felt freer from the suppression of this world. 

On the weekend, you will find him at the local parks exploring and playing with his two boys or serving his wife around the house. He strives to daily seek to follow the teachings of Jesus. Robert often fails, however, his life’s goal is to seek the qualities of Jesus through loving God and others. In short, the metamorphose from broken, to following Jesus, to striving for Jesus has Robert singing way off tune to the Lord on a daily basis. 

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