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Issac was born and raised in Texas. He did not have the traditional

After fifteen years of marriage, Issac and his wife parted ways and his life truly took a turn of blessing. July 22,2017 Issac committed to putting a spiritual stake in the ground, surrendering his life to Christ and dedicationg himself to true restortation and discipleship.

Soon thereafter, Issac met his current wife, Kristen, who is very familiar with Issac's painful upbringing as well as his current dutiful commitment to his own restoration in Christ as well as his passion for leading others to their own renewal/restoration.  Kristen has told Issac many times that he was a representation of a lost sheep in Luke 15. How Issac was the one that the Lord went searching for, leaving the 99 behind to make sure he was found and was safe. The Lord knew that something special was inside Issac, and although it took a better part of 23 years, the Lord was persistent in searching out his prodigal son. After lots of spiritual warfare, much healing and restoration, Issac is now more than spiritually equipped to be the Outreach Director and Vice President of Romans12two Ministries.

In the Romans12two community, Issac is known as "Proverbs 3 Man". Proverbs 3 speaks life to Issac's testimony."Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean on your own understanding"-Proverbs 3:5.


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