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Nicholas grew up in Louisiana, but his family moved to the Dallas, Texas area in 1998, the summer before his freshman year in high school. He has lived in the Austin area since graduating high school in 2002. He has met his wife Tori here, graduated college here, got married here, and had kids here. His path crossed with Christopher’s in 2017 at Hutto Bible Church in Hutto, Texas. He soon became a part of this group of men seeking greater restoration and intimacy with our Father, along with Isaac Cormier and others, as the Holy Spirit guided them and they co-labored in the birth of Romans 12two as a ministry.


As Creative Director for the ministry Nicholas desires for all of Romans 12two’s expressions to be for other men what it has been for him, what drew him to the ministry in the first place - real, authentic, vulnerable, relatable, and most of all, hopeful. His efforts include facilitating groups such as Conquer Series, Seven Pillars of Freedom, and Becoming A King, the Wednesday morning Be Not Conformed Fellowship calls, as well as hosting the Be Not Conformed Podcast.

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